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Which equation can be used to find m, the number of minutes in h hours?
a) m=60-h b) m=60h c) m=h+60 d) m=h/60
Wes the weather guy recorded the temperature in Casper, Wyoming Tuesday at -13°F. Wednesday the high temperature was recorded at 13°F. What was the difference of temperatures?
a) -26 b) 26 c) 13 d) -13
On Friday the low temperature in Nome, Alaska, was –12F, and the high temperature was 23F. How much warmer was the high temperature than the low temperature?
a) 35 b) -11 c) -35 d) 11
Simplify the expression: 4+2(13-4)/3^2
a) 7 b) 8 c) 2 d) 6
Sue went on a camping trip. They paid $28.00 for a 2-night stay at a campground that allows a maximum stay of 30 nights. Which equation can they use to find the max # of nights?
a) 30 x 14 b) 60 x 56 c) 28 x 28 d) 30 x 28
Thomas walks between 8 and 12 miles during the walkathon and gets paid $45 per mile. Which of the following is a possible amount he will earn?
a) 405 b) 630 c) 900 d) 315
Which of the following numbers is greater than -1.075?
a) -2.03 b) -1.06 c) -1.26 d) -1.90
Marta is twice as old as Jamie, and Angie is one-fourth the age of Kelly. Kelly is 8 years older than Marta. Jamie is 20 years old. Who is the youngest?
a) Kelly b) Marta c) Angie d) Jamie
7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, …
a) 3n b) 2n+5 c) n+2 d) 2n+5
0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, …
a) 3n b) 3n-3 c) n+2 d) n+3
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