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repeated line or group of lines in the same position in a poem or song
a) refrain b) sonnet c) haiku d) pentameter
strong exaggeration
a) hyperbole b) enjambment c) epic d) ode
a lyric poem of fourteen lines
a) sonnet b) narrative c) ode d) pentameter
divisions of stressed and unstressed syllables
a) feet b) couplet c) enjambment d) pentameter
the pattern of accented and unaccented syllables that form the basis of a poem’s rhythm
a) meter b) parallelism c) enjambment d) free verse
a verse written in lines of five feet each
a) pentameter b) narrative c) parallelism d) stanza
the repetition of lines that are structured in a similar grammatical style
a) parallelism b) stanza c) pentameter d) haiku
a four line stanza; often used in the ballad or Shakespearean sonnet
a) quatrain b) couplet c) refrain d) pentameter
the feeling that a poem creates
a) mood b) tone c) connotation d) dennotation
rhyming words that appear in the same line
a) internal rhyme b) end rhyme c) couplet d) alliteration
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