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"April Showers"
a) Wharton b) Stowe c) Fitzgerald d) Anonymous
Uncle Tom's Cabin
a) Irving b) Whitman c) Lincoln d) Stowe
The Jungle
a) Douglass b) Sinclair c) Cather d) Chopin
The Great Gatsby
a) Crane b) Fitzgerald c) Melville d) Douglass
"The Minister's Black Veil"
a) Whitman b) Twain c) Hawthorne d) Dickinson
"The Story of an Hour"
a) Chopin b) Crane c) Cather d) Poe
"The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calavaras County"
a) Anonymous b) Irving c) Cooper d) Twain
The Gettysburg Address
a) Twain b) Lincoln c) London d) Stowe
a) Wharton b) Douglass c) Melville d) Twain
"The Open Boat"
a) Irving b) Poe c) Cooper d) Crane
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