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What dissolves fats?
a) reducer b) oxidizer c) water d) emulsifying agent
A water molecule has an uneven sharing of electrons between the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom, because of this, water is ______
a) polar b) non-polar c) soluble d) insoluble
What are the negatively charged particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom called?
a) protons b) neutrons c) electrons d) orbitals
1cm = ____ mm
a) 1 b) 10 c) 100 d) 1000
The basic unit of length in the metric system is
a) liter b) meter c) grams d) degrees
For an element, the number of electrons equals the number of ________ and the _________ number
a) protons, mass b) atoms, atomic c) protons, atomic d) atoms, mass
Boron has an atomic number of 5 and an atomic mass of 11, how many electrons does it have?
a) 11 b) 5 c) 6 d) 16
Bromine has an atomic number of 35 and an atomic mass of 80, how many neutrons does it have?
a) 45 b) 35 c) 80 d) 115
Detergents enable water to mix with
a) itself b) oil c) dirt d) detergent
sugar crystals added to a super saturated solution results in
a) formation of a mineral b) formation of a syrup c) formation of a gas d) crystallization
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