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Dillon created a temporary alphabetized list of junior and senior FBLA members from the School Clubs database. This search is an example of a
a) Filter b) Form c) Query d) Report
Sally wants to print a list of foods that have 100 calories, zero grams of fat, and 2 grams of fiber per serving. Which criterion will she use?
a) Equals b) Greater than c) Less than d) Or
Chad wants to print a list of seniors who are going to any college except East Carolina University when they graduate. Which criterion is used?
a) And b) Equals c) Not d) Or
Mrs. Bills needs to get an alphabetical list of students who have sold 100 lollipops. Which criterion is used?
a) And b) Equals c) Not d) Or
In a database with few records and many fields, which print orientation will result in the greatest space utilization of a standard sheet of paper?
a) Landscape b) Long c) Portrait d) Short
Nan selected "vitamin A" in the Nutrients field of a foods database to locate only the foods that contain vitamin A. This is an example of which operation?
a) Ascending sort b) Descending sort c) Filter by exclusion d) Filter by selection
In the school's student database, which is an example of the MOST APPROPRIATE primary key?
a) Birth Date b) First Name c) Last Name d) Student Number
The basketball coach at Jones Senior is setting up his player roster. Which is an example of an appropriate field name?
a) 14 b) Goals and Fouls c) Rebounds d) Sam Smith
Dave is a salesman at CarMax. He searched the CarMax database for BMWs and printed a list of available cars for a client. This search is an example of a:
a) Filter b) Form c) Query d) Report
Doug is searching an online database to find out how many U.S. presidents were Republicans. He does not intend to save his search. This search is an example of
a) Filter b) Form c) Query d) Report
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