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In a fish tank, which organism would produce oxygen?
a) water b) plant c) snail d) rock
An organism that eats only meat is called a
a) carnivore b) herbivore c) omnivore d) retrovore
An organism that eats both plants and meat is
a) carnivore b) retrovore c) omnivore d) herbivore
In a food chain involving a fox and a rabbit, the fox would be considered a
a) prey b) predator c) omnivore d) herbivore
In a food chain involving a fox and a rabbit, the rabbit would be considered a
a) prey b) omnivore c) producer d) predator
Plants are considered ______________ because they make their own food.
a) herbivores b) special c) producers d) consumers
The classification of living things starts with _________ and ends with ________
a) kingdom; phylum b) species; phylum c) kingdom; species d) species; kingdom
Animal are classified according to
a) their similarities b) how often they eat c) whether they eat meat d) their differences
An animal that experiences ________________, changes into something different
a) reproduction b) meiosis c) mitosis d) metamorphism
The main difference between living and nonliving things is that living things have
a) compounds b) molecules c) elements d) cells
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