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Charlie works in a factory where the guys are
a) are janitors b) are all electricians c) are all friendly to him d) are all mean to him
What is the mouse's name?
a) Alfie b) Algernon c) Angie d) Alex
What is another name for the inkblot test?
a) Inkstop test b) picture test c) Rorschach test d) Rory\'s test
Charlie gets an operation and becomes more and more
a) happier b) scared c) anxious d) intelligent
Why does Charlie quit the factory?
a) he gets another job b) they ridicule him c) he wins the lottery d) he gets hurt
When the boy drop the dishes in the diner, Charlie
a) decides to defend him b) decides to hit him c) decides to yell at the boy d) decides to ignore the situation
As a genius, Charlie has trouble doing this with Miss K
a) laughing b) looking at c) smiling d) communicating
Charlie decides to do research in
a) human inteligence b) human relations c) human psychology d) animal science
As Charlie's inteligence increases so do his feelings about
a) Dr. Nemur b) Fanny Girden c) Miss K d) Dr. Strauss
As Charlie's inteligence worsens, he wants to move to
a) Chicago b) New York c) Philadelphia d) Baltimore
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