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Why does the stamen retain pollen?
a) because it is sticky b) because it is skinny c) because it rough d) because it is pretty
Which of these is a type of asexual reproduction?
a) runners b) pollination c) fertiliation d) seeds
Gametes are
a) haploid b) diploid c) small d) cute
Which usually produces more pollen?
a) flowers pollinated by wind b) flowers pollinated by bees c) flowers pollinated by humans d) flowers with many stamen
What does the zygote develop into after fertilization?
a) embryo b) cotyledon c) plant d) fruit
An acorn is a
a) fruit b) flower c) root d) seed
What can survive being eaten by animals
a) some seeds b) fruit c) flowers d) leaves
Planting potato "eyes" is a form of what?
a) asexual reproduction b) sexual reproduction c) magic d) farming
What product was inspired by the cockleburr?
a) Velcro b) Scotch tape c) brush d) lint brush
Which part of the flower will become the fruit?
a) ovary b) ovule c) pistil d) sepal
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