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A signal that the bladder is full is sent to the central nervous system by
a) feedback loops b) sensory neurons c) nephron tubules d) receptor proteins
Which of the following is a function of the nervous system
a) releasing ATP into contracting muscle tissues b) signaling muscle tissues to contract c) producing lactic acid in fatigued muscle tissues d) producing lactic acid in fatigued muscle tissues
What is the path of a reflex?
a) Sensory neuron --> spine --> brain --> spine --> motor neuron b) Sensory neuron --> spine--> motor neuron c) Motor neuron --> spine --> sensory neuron d) Motor neuron --> spine --> brain --> spine --> sensory neuron
Which three human-body systems coordinate to cause an arm to move?
a) nervous, muscular, skeletal b) respiratory, muscular, digestive c) skeletal, circulatory, immune d) digestive, nervous, circulatory
All of the following are parts of a neuron EXCEPT
a) cell body b) axon c) dendrite d) golgi apparatus
The central nervous system includes all of the following EXCEPT
a) spinal column b) brainstem c) brain d) skull
The somatic nervous system
a) regulates involuntary movements b) regulates voluntary movements c) regulates fight vs. flight d) calms the body down
The following are ways to view the brain EXCEPT
a) PET b) CT c) MRI d) IV
Two ways drugs can change our brain chemistry are
a) innate and acquired immunity b) hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism c) sensitization and desensitization d) addiction and recovery
A blood clot near or in the brain can result in
a) polio b) a stroke c) gout d) meningitis
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