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This vocabulary word means to pardon.
a) Amnesty b) Reconstruction c) Attrition d) Black Codes
This vocabulary word means to help freed slaves by providing schools, food, and shelter
a) Thirteenth Amendment b) Greenbacks c) Border States d) Freedmen's Bureau
This battle is known as the turning point of the war
a) Vicksburg b) Antietam c) Andersonville d) Gettysburg
This battle had the bloodiest single-day of the war
a) Ft. Sumter b) Appomattox c) Gettysburg d) Antietam
This vocabulary word refers to the railroad ties that were twisted from the fires built on the tracks
a) March to the Sea b) Greenbacks c) Sherman Neckties d) Freedmen's Bureau
Which of the following was NOT an advantage for the North
a) great military generals b) large population c) large number of military warships d) numerous shipyards
Which of the following was NOT an advantage for the South
a) large supply of food b) many military officers c) Robert E. Lee d) factories
Who started the Red Cross?
a) Elizabeth Blackwell b) Abraham Lincoln c) Clara Barton d) George Meade
Which battle split the Confederacy at the Mississippi River?
a) Atlanta b) Gettysburg c) Antietam d) Vicksburg
How many votes short were the House of Representatives from convicting Johnson of wrongdoing?
a) over 100 b) 1 c) 50 d) 5
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