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This Country was with Allied States?
a) Sweden b) France c) Spain d) Japan
What caused the United States to come into the War?
a) The Attack on Pearl Harbor b) The Attack on Washington D.C. c) The Attack on Mexico d) The Attack on United Kingdom
Who was the Dictator of Italy at the time of the War?
a) Hitler b) Stalin c) Mussolinii d) Roosevelt
Who was FDR?
a) A King b) A President c) A McDonald Worker d) A Dictator
This Treaty was signed that ended the War?
a) Casablanca Conference b) Cairo Conference c) Yalta Conference d) Potsdam Conference
This city was destroyed by the atomic bomb.
a) Tokyo b) Hiroshima c) Kasugai d) Iwakura
a) a b) a c) a d) a
a) a b) a c) a d) a
a) a b) a c) a d) a
a) a b) a c) a d) a
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