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Israel was united by King David and .....?
a) Judas b) Henry c) Solomon d) Judah
Judah is now called?
a) Austin b) Judaea c) Wittenburg d) Chad
Jesus was believed to be the blank of the Jews?
a) Messiah b) saint c) monk d) philosopher
Christians were hated by who?
a) Dutch b) Romans c) Mongols d) British
Romans saw Christians\' blank and becameChrisians too.
a) understanding b) courage c) faith d) vernacular
What was the \
a) proverbs b) bubble gum c) rules d) gospel
Christians were willing to die for their religious freedom they are called....
a) A b) A c) A d) A
a) A b) A c) A d) A
a) A b) A c) A d) A
a) A b) A c) A d) A
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