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What is Rome shaped as?
a) a glove b) a star c) a box d) a high-heeled boot
The _______and the ________changed rome from a village to a city.
a) Patricianns,Plebeins b) Julius Caesar, Carthage c) Etruscans,Greeks d) Romus,Romulus
How many Punic wars were there?
a) 3 b) 5 c) 6 d) 4
Rome fought _______over Sicily.
a) Spain b) Carthage c) Etruscans d) Greek
How many of the Punic Wars did Rome win?
a) 4 b) 5 c) 3 d) 1
What was the name of the classes Rome divided into?
a) Romus,Romulus b) c) Patricians,Plebians d) a
a) a b) a c) a d) a
a) a b) a c) a d) a
a) aa b) aa c) a d) a
a) aa b) a c) a d) a
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