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what year did the medival japan start
a) 300 ad b) 400 ad c) today 5000 years ago d) 610 bc
what was a shogun
a) a monster b) a samurai c) mr.drees d) an army leader
why was it hard to farm
a) it was too hot b) to many moutans c) to cold d) it was always being piliaged by vikings
what year did the shogun rule
a) 1192 ad b) 1591 ad c) 1221 ad d) 1091 ad
what year did the yayoi begian into clans
a) 1562 ad b) 1222 ad c) 151ad d) 300 ad
what year were plays first preformed
a) 1711 b) 1921 c) 1200s d) 1300s
were did japans capital move to in 794 ad
a) honkong b) tokyo c) malan d) heiam
when did the civil war end in japan
a) 1478 b) 1477 c) 1487 d) 1467
when did zen buddism spread in japan
a) 1711 b) 1000s c) 1100s d) 1200s
when did the capital get moved
a) 1745 ad b) 459 ad c) 894 ad d) 794 ad
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