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Between the crust and the core is the
a) creamy filling b) mantle c) mid-core d) caramel
If you took a journey to the center of the earth, you would find a core of
a) melted rock b) hot swirling gases c) solid metal d) molten metal
The center layer of the earth is called the
a) core b) apple core c) mantle d) mid-core
Earth\'s hydrosphere serves as the planet\'s
a) mass and surface b) soil and minerals c) sun protection d) water supply
The outer part of the lithosphere is the
a) core b) inner sphere c) crust d) mantle
The atmosphere contains
a) the other planets b) oceans and continents c) gases needed for life d) lakes, rivers and streams
Rocks, soils and minerals are part of the
a) atmosphere b) hydrosphere c) lithosphere d) plant life
The layer that surrounds the earth and protects it from too much sunlight is the
a) hydrosphere b) atmosphere c) goesphere d) lithosphere
The atmosphere is a layer of
a) the lithosphere b) rocks and soil c) crust and minerals d) gases around the earth
Earth's lakes, oceans and rivers are part of the
a) plant life b) atmosphere c) geography d) hydrosphere
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