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An animal with long ears would most likely live in
a) the antartic b) the desert c) the ocean d) the forest
What stage comes after pupa?
a) egg b) pupa c) adult d) larva
Which animal does NOT go through metamorphosis?
a) ant b) cat c) moth d) butterfly
Which step comes FIRST in the life cycle of a PLANT?
a) germination b) growth c) egg d) reproduction
Which metamorphosis has 4 stages?
a) Incomplete Metamorphosis b) Complete Metamorphosis c) d)
Newly hatched butterfly larva eat what for their first meal?
a) their egg b) flowers c) the leaf that their egg was on d) the plant's roots
An ant goes through a change from egg to a nymph to an adult. What is this change called?
a) Bodily Changes b) Metamorphosis c) Mitosis d) Germinaton
An animal has webbed feet. What does this help them with?
a) fighting b) catching prey c) running d) swimming
Animals that use mimicry and camoflague use this to help-
a) stay hidden from predators b) attract predators c) attract prey d) attract mates
Duck migrate for winter. Why?
a) Because they love the cold. b) Because they love to travel. c) Because the ponds ice over. d) Because the ponds dry up.
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