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Which planet is considered Earth's Twin?
a) Venus b) Jupiter c) Mercury d) Mars
Which two planets have large storms known as Great Spots?
a) Jupiter and Uranus b) Jupiter and Venus c) Jupiter and Neptune d) Saturn and Jupiter
Which is the smallest planet?
a) Neptune b) Mars c) Mercury d) Pluto
Which of these is the largest planet?
a) Saturn b) Uranus c) Jupiter d) Neptune
Which planet has four large moons called the Galilean Moons?
a) Saturn b) Jupiter c) Neptune d) Mars
Which planet is named after the god of war?
a) Venus b) Neptune c) Jupiter d) Mars
Which planet is extremely hot due to the greenhouse effect?
a) Mars b) Mercury c) Earth d) Venus
Which planet has its year and its day almost the same length?
a) Mercury b) Mars c) Neptune d) Venus
Which of these planets has no satellites?
a) Venus b) Jupiter c) Earth d) Mars
Which of these planets is the farthest PLANET from the sun?
a) Uranus b) Saturn c) Neptune d) Pluto
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