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What is the closest star to Earth?
a) Sun b) Constellation c) Crater d) Moon
What side of the Earth is facing away from the sun?
a) daytime b) snack time c) nighttime d) lunch time
What is the spinning of the Earth on its axis called?
a) rotation b) season c) revolution d) constellation
Which statement about Earth is true?
a) It takes the Earth one year to rotate one time b) Revolution causes day and night c) Rotation causes Earth\'s seasons d) It takes Earth 24 hours to rotate one time
What are the sun\'s light and heat called?
a) orbits b) revolutions c) craters d) solar energy
What is the Earth\'s path around the sun called?
a) astronaut b) ocean c) orbit d) energy
The moon gets light from the _______?
a) moon b) sun c) asteroid d) stars
The light given off by the moon is called_________?
a) sun light b) winter c) moonlight d) dust
How long does it take the Earth to orbit the sun?
a) ten minutes b) one year c) one month d) one hour
The moon has stages called_______?
a) phases b) energy c) craters d) larva
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