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The strategy used to convince a retailer to carry a new line in their stores. This is an example of which strategy?
a) influential b) pull c) purchasing d) push
Monique’s grandmother bought her gift certificates to the local theater because she knew Monique enjoyed going to the movies. Monique’s grandmother is an example of which audience?
a) demonstrator b) follower c) influencer d) purchaser
The brand manager proposed the promotional budget be set up as a stand-alone budget separate from the division budget. This example is which method of promotional budget design?
a) Activity-based cost method b) Budget allotments c) Imitation of competitors d) Proportion of revenue
Outward Bound USA promotes its wilderness adventures through brochures distributed to schools and through an informative web site. This is an example of which strategy?
a) discount b) endorse c) pull d) push
The strategy used by a manufacturer to convince retailers to carry or promote its products is known as:
a) influential b) pull c) purchasing d) push
Which strategy is directed toward customers to increase their interest and demand for the products?
a) discount b) endorse c) pull d) push
The group of consumers who occasionally purchases the product because of one identifying factor is considered the:
a) Primary consumers. b) Primary target market. c) Secondary tertiary market d) Secondary target market
The core group of consumers on which promotional efforts are focused is the:
a) primary consumers b) primary target market c) secondary tertiary market d) secondary target market
Methods of designing the promotional budget include the:
a) Activity-based cost method b) Cost allotment c) Pull strategy method d) Push strategy method
The elements of the promotional mix should be:
a) dependant b) independant c) interdependant d) involved
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