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John and Jane wanted to split their bill evenly, which was $8.70, plus 2 sodas for $0.75 each, including tax. If John pays half with a $20 bill, how much change should he receive?
a) $5.10 b) $14.90 c) $10.20 d) $9.80
Mr. Hines paid $8.40 for a call. He paid a fee of $1.25 plus $0.55 per minute. Which equation can be used to find x, the length of the call in minutes?
a) 0.55x + 1.25 = 8.40 b) 0.55x - 1.25 = 8.49 c) 1.25x + 0.55 = 8.40 d) 1.25 - 0.55 = 8.40
Which of the following numbers is greater than -1.075
a) -2.03 b) -1.90 c) -1.06 d) -1.26
Carlos, Jackie, Lester, and Margie ate lunch at a restaurant. The total amount of the bill, including tax and tip, was $44.60. Carlos paid $15.00. Jackie paid 1/4 of the bill, Lester paid 20% of the bill, and Margie paid the rest of the bill. Who pai
a) Carlos b) Jackie c) Lester d) Margie
The area of a square is 125 square meters. Which best represents the length of a side of the square?
a) 10.8 m b) 11.2 m c) 11.9 m d) 12 m
The sun's core temperature reaches close to 2.7 x 10^7 degrees Fahrenheit. Which of the following represents this temperature in standard notation?
a) 270,000 degrees F b) 2,700,000 degrees F c) 27,000,000 degrees F d) 270,000,000 degrees F
A water tank contains 2,500 gallons. A faucet attached to the tank releases water at a constant rate of 5 gallons per minute. If the faucet is left open for 1 hour and no other water is released, which equation can be used to find r, the number of ga
a) r = 2,500/5 b) r = 2,500 - 60 c) r = 2,500 - 60(5) d) r = 2,500/60(5)
Jodie wants to buy a shirt regularly priced a $20. The shirt is on sale for 15% off the regular price. Which equation can be used to determine s, the sale price of the shirt, not including tax?
a) s = 20 - (20)(0.15) b) s = 20 - (20 + 0.15) c) s = 20(0.15) d) s = 20 + 0.15
On Friday the low temperature is Nome, Alaska, was -12 degrees F, and the high temperature was 23 degrees F. How much warmer was the high temperature than the low temperature?
a) -35 degrees F b) -11 degrees F c) 11 degrees F d) 35 degrees F
Tomas will earn $45 for each mile he walks in a charity walkathon. Tomas walks between 8 and 12 miles during the walkathon. Which of the following is a possible amount he will earn for the charity?
a) $405 b) $315 c) $630 d) $900
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