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Profound is
a) returned b) confused c) deeply felt d) proven
a) account of one\'s life b) small, punitive c) made to honor d) clever
oblivion means
a) an opinion b) sythesize c) state of being completely forgotten d) firm decision
a) unproven explanation b) a state of being completely remembered c) made up of different things d) small intestine
the opposite of rational
a) unwise b) normal c) calm d) sensible
a) working parts b) large building c) statues d) things worth keeping
To perplex means to
a) store in large quantities b) confuse c) remember d) honor
The opposite of divulge is
a) to break b) to turn away c) to tell d) to conceal
the opposite of complex is
a) difficult b) suitable c) simple d) complicated
a theory is
a) a possible explanation b) evidence c) a decision d) the results
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