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Who is the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey
a) Homer b) Pericles c) Draco d) Socrates
Who fought in the Peloponnesian Wars?
a) Persia and Greece b) Rome and Carthage c) Sparta and Macedonia d) Sparta and Athens
Which of the following was a scientist who specialized in levers and pulleys?
a) Pythagoras b) Archimedes c) Aristarchus d) Thales
Which of the following is the chief god in Greek Mythology?
a) Posedein b) Jupiter c) Zeus d) Hercules
Which of the following was sentenced to death for
a) Plato b) Socrates c) Aristotle d) Demosthenes
What body of wate borders Greece on the East?
a) Adriatic Sea b) Mediterrannean Sea c) Aegean Sea d) Caspian Sea
The ep[ic poems, the Iliad and Odyssey, center on a war fought over the ancient city of
a) Troy b) Athens c) Sparta d) Corinth
The Greek scientist who is considered the "father of medicine was
a) Democrittis b) Euclid c) Ptolemy d) Hippocrates
He wrote the Persian Wars and is considered the father of history
a) Thucydides b) Herodotus c) Plutarch d) Arrian
What is the Greek word that means "rule by the many"?
a) monarchy b) arisotcracy c) democracy d) oligarchy
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