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What is the process where a standard letter is combined with a data source?
a) combination b) transfer c) mail combine d) mail merge
Which feature of a WP would allow you to put text into rows and columns?
a) table b) section break c) page break d) tabulation
What does the term word wrap mean?
a) Placing text around images b) Taking a copy of the text c) Moving text to wherever you want in the document d) Taking a new line without having to press enter
Which type of alignment is missing: right, left, centre
a) both b) all c) fully justified d) twice
OCR stands for
a) Optical character recognition b) Optical class reader c) Optical character reader d) Oh, colour, right!
Which file format saves all formatting?
a) ASCII b) RTF c) Plain text d) JPEG
Which file format saves information about paragraph breaks?
a) Plain text b) ASCII c) JPEG d) RTF
Which file format saves information only about the text?
a) plain text b) JPEG c) ASCII d) RTF
Which other application package would you use to perform a mail merge?
a) Graphics b) DTP c) Database d) Communications
Which of these words would be picked up by a spell checker?
a) wood b) red c) their d) Edinburgh
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