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a) a place where guns are stored b) a type of gun used in earlier wars c) a person entitled to a coat of arms d) a person who likes to fight wars
a) a place where weapons are stored b) a motorcylce used in the military c) a helmet without a visor or chinguard d) enclosed helmet with a visor and chin guard
a) a place where arms (guns) are kept b) a place where military soldiers are trained c) a place where military uniforms are stored d) a motorcycle used in war
a) military meeting hall b) military uniforms c) military weapons and equipment d) military vehicle storage
a) not entitled to use a coat of arms b) entitled to use a coat of arms c) entitled to buy a coat of arms d) entitled to serve in the war
a) fleet of war ships b) many military airplanes c) a fleet of tanks and heavy duty military vehicles d) a group of miliatry soldiers
a) a part of speech b) two sentences that mean the same c) words that have a different sounds but have the same meaning d) words that sound the same but have a different meaning
a) used to treat and purify milk b) a process to help cure a disease c) used to treat pets at the vets d) used to clean fruit before it is delivered to the market
a) a group of different people b) a group of the same kind c) a scientific term used to describe cells d) a process used to purify milk
a) two or more more words that sound the same but different meanings b) words that rhyme c) words that are mispelled d) a part of speech
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