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a) person or is not helpful or steals b) person who gives money or help to people c) person who takes money from others d) a good person who gets good grades
a) something that fits very well b) when someone is happy about a success c) nothing gained and no profit d) advantage or profit gained from something
a) favorable and resulting in good b) a negative action c) a good person d) something that is artificial or not real
a) depressing situation b) a violent attitude c) well meaning and kindly d) a muscial instrument such as the violin
a) a person who goes to church b) the study of Benedict Arnold c) something negative said about a church d) a blessing at the end of church
a) person who gets nothing b) a person who gets the advantage from something c) a type of church for young people d) a good location for travel
a) hospital room b) a convention center c) waiting room d) a type of ant farm
a) occuring during war b) occurring after a war c) occurring before a war d) occuring through a war
a) precede in time or come before b) procede in time or come after c) a time traveler d) a timeline for history
a) an ant that lives in a type of plant seed b) a thing that existed during c) a thing that existed before d) a thing that existed after
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