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What doubled the size of the US
a) Louisiana Purchase b) Adams-Onis Treaty c) Gadsden Purchase d) Land Ordinance
Which of the following countries did not claim the Oregon Country?
a) France b) Spain c) Russia d) United States
From what country did the US gain Florida?
a) Alaska b) Spain c) France d) Netherlands
Who were the mountain men?
a) men who were in search of gold in California b) men who explored the Louisiana Purchase territory c) men who lived in the Oregon Country d) men who explored the newly acquired territory from Mexico
Which of the following rules was not a part of the agreement between the Texans and the Mexican Government?
a) pay taxes to the Mexican Government b) practice the Roman Catholic religion c) no slaves d) become a Mexican Citizen
Who was the leader of the Texan Army?
a) Santa Anna b) Stephen Austin c) Davy Crockett d) Sam Houston
Which line of latitude did the US agree would be the northern boundary of the Oregon Country?
a) 54 b) 40 c) 49 d) 32
Who was the leader of the Mexican Government?
a) Jim Bowie b) Davy Crockett c) Santa Anna d) San Jacinto
What ended the Mexican War?
a) Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago b) Treaty of Paris of 1763 c) Treaty of Versailles d) the treaty did not have a name
Which trail helped people move to Utah?
a) Oregon Trail b) California Trail c) Mormon Trail d) Santa Fe
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