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The use of a word whose sound imitates or suggests its meaning.
a) Onomatopoeia b) Alliteration c) Rhyme d) Oxymoron
The repetition of the initial consonant sound at the beginning of words.
a) Assonance b) Alliteration c) Metaphor d) Rhyme Scheme
Giving human-like qualities to non-living objects or animals.
a) Symbol b) Personification c) Mood d) Alliteration
Language that appeals to the five senses.
a) Personification b) Onomatopoeia c) Imagery d) Simile
When a rhyme occurs within a line of poetry.
a) Rhyme Scheme b) Stanza c) Mood d) Internal Rhyme
The pattern of rhymes in a poem. (ABAB)
a) Consonance b) Hyperbole c) Rhyme Scheme d) Oxymoron
The comparison of two unlike things--stating that one thing is another with using "like" or "as."
a) Simile b) Metaphor c) Rhyme d) Symbol
The comparison of two unlike things while using "like" or "as."
a) Simile b) Metaphor c) Mood d) Stanza
A "paragraph" in a poem.
a) Hyperbole b) Imagery c) Rhyme d) Stanza
The feeling conveyed in a poem.
a) Mood b) Simile c) Oxymoron d) Alliteration
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