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Genesis is the __________ book of the Bible.
a) first b) second c) third d) last
The story of ________________ is about the sacredness of life and condemns murder.
a) Adam and Even b) Cain and Abel c) Abraham and Isaac d) Moses and Aaron
The Four Marks of the Church are:
a) perfect, holy, apostolic and catholic b) Matthew, Mark, Luke and John c) one, holy, catholic and apostolic d) holy, clean, prayerful and open
_____________ was a sin that weakened human nature and brought suffering and death into the world.
a) Original Sin b) Mortal Sin c) Venial Sin d) Dark Sin
Old Testament Joseph was able to
a) build an ark. b) interpret dreams. c) cook for the Israelites. d) write prayers.
The Jewish Sabbath or day of rest is on
a) Friday b) Saturday c) Sunday d) everyday.
Under the rule of King ______, Israel achieved its greatest prosperity and peace in ancient times.
a) Saul b) Solomon c) David d) Herod
The first five books of the bible are called the
a) Pentateuch b) Pentagon c) Psalms d) Lamentations
The ___________ were a sign of God's love for his people.
a) Great Floods b) slaves of Egypt c) Rosaries d) Ten Commandments
God blessed ________________ with great wisdom.
a) Deborah b) Solomon c) Grace d) Goliath
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