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the ________ is the time it takes for one full vibration of a particle in a medium
a) period b) frequency c) amplitude d) wave speed
the speed of a sound wave
a) depends on wavelength b) depends on the medium c) depends on the amplitude d) none of the answers are correct
water waves
a) transport energy and water b) transport energy c) transport water d) can travel in a vacuum
the difference in color in visible light (such as a rainbow) are caused by differences in
a) amplitude b) speed c) medium d) frequencies
sound waves
a) require a medium b) are not related to vibrations c) are not related to mechanical waves d) can travel in a vacuum
light waves
a) require a medium b) cannot travel through solids c) cannot travel through liquids d) are electromagnetic waves
the color of light is determined by the _____ of light waves
a) medium b) speed c) frequency d) amplitude
how loud a sound is depends on
a) the wavelength of the sound waves b) pitch of the sound c) amplitude of the waves d) the medium
If a transverse wave is moving right to left, the individual particles are moving
a) right to left b) left to right c) up and down d) none of the answers are correct
The doppler effect is an observed change in a waves
a) wavelength b) period c) frequency d) amplitude
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