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Exan Sem2: Question Preview (ID: 6190)

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What Italian Baroque characteristic does David by Gianlorenzo Bernini exhibit?
a) The sculpture engages the viewer by breaking into the viewer's space. b) The sculpture makes a complete departure from Classical and Renaissance sculpture c) The sculpture's main purpose was to idealize the beauty of the human form d) The sculpture's pose and facial features are calm and reserved  
Which of the following statements explains how Robert Rauschenberg made Estate an example of Postmodern art?
a) Rauschenberg used images of American popular culture that people would easily recognize b) Rauschenberg used images and symbols from his subconscious thoughts. c) Rauschenberg incorporated imagery influenced by the Cubist and Fauvist movements. d) Rauschenberg created a nonrepresentational artwork that few people can comprehend.  
Which is an accurate statement about Italian Baroque artist Caravaggio's approach to painting?
a) Caravaggio focused on depicting narrative historical themes b) Caravaggio created dramatic compositions that focus on realism c) Caravaggio used foreshortening to depict a sense of flattened space. d) Caravaggio focused on depicting narrative historical themes.  
What innovative and extreme lighting technique did Italian Baroque artist Caravaggio use in his paintings?
a) contrapposto b) atmospheric perspective c) tenebrism d) foreshortening  
Which phrase best describes a characteristic of the paintings of French Baroque artist Nicolas Poussin?
a) the depiction of figures and landscapes from the artist's imagination b) the depiction of a narrative subject within an organized, idealized landscape c) the depiction of figures and landscapes from the artist's imagination d) the depiction of figures and landscapes from the artist's imagination  
What Abstract Expressionist innovation is evident in Jackson Pollock's Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)?.
a) The painting shows the artist's belief that the act of painting is more important than the final art b) The painting includes a jazz recording for viewers to listen to while viewing it in the museum c) The painting has a spontaneous look because children worked as the artist's assistants d) The painting was made with brushes attached to a machine that made random marks on the canvas.  
What statement best describes how Amedeo Modigliani used a Modernist convention in Head of a Woman?
a) Modigliani used a complex carving and casting technique b) Modigliani included sophisticated symbolism and imagery in the sculpture c) Modigliani abstracted the figure into simple, geometric forms. d) Modigliani used Baroque techniques in a new, exciting way.  
How did Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers include a characteristic of Modernism in the Georges Pompidou National Center of Art and Culture?
a) Piano and Rogers used sprayed concrete over a metal framework to create a sculptural effect b) Piano and Rogers incorporated service features such as air conditioning and escalators as design ele c) Piano and Rogers updated the Roman barrel vault to create a vast interior space without obstructions d) Piano and Rogers used contemporary materials in a design that fits in well with the surrounding Rena  
How did Grant Wood incorporate a convention of the style of Regionalism in American Gothic?
a) Wood depicted the hardships experienced by people during the Great Depression b) Wood showed the influence of European modernist movements such as Fauvism. c) Wood showed the loneliness of life on the American Great Plains d) Wood depicted rural midwestern values in a clearly readable composition  
How did Surrealist Salvador Dalí determine the subject matter for his paintings?
a) Dalí used symbolism based on Classical Greek and Roman mythology. b) Dalí based them on ideas from his imagination and subconscious mind c) Dalí based them on imagery taken from contemporary mystery novels. d) Dalí used ideas conjured up by children that he interviewed.  

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