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In this food chain, which organism is the herbivore? Grass п‚® Cricket п‚® Frog п‚® Snake п‚® Bacteria
a) Cricket b) Frog c) Snake d) Bacteria
What is the grass in this food chain? Grass п‚® Cricket п‚® Frog п‚® Snake п‚® Bacteria
a) decomposer b) consumer c) herbivore d) producer
A mouse eats both grass and grasshoppers. It is a _________________.
a) decomposer b) omnivore c) carnivore d) herbivore
What must be present for producers to perform their role?
a) soil b) rocks c) sunlight d) oxygen
What is the primary source of energy in an ecosystem?
a) producers b) consumers c) sun d) omnivores
If 600 kCal of energy is in a deer, how much is available to the organism that eats it?
a) 6 kCal b) 60 kCal c) 600 kCal d) 10 kCal
Which term includes all the others?
a) population b) community c) biotic factors d) ecosystem
Cardinals and robins live in a forest. Which statement best identifies them?
a) population b) habitat c) niche d) community
Fungi break down dead plants and animals. Which of the following describes them.
a) decomposers b) consumers c) producers d) organisms
Which of the following would have the fewest number of members in an ecosystem?
a) plants b) bears c) deer d) crickets
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