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Along the rails of DNA and RNA, the bases attach at the ____.
a) phosphates b) hydrogen c) sugars d) nucleus
The bases of the DNA molecule bond with a ____ bond.
a) hydrogen b) oxygen c) nitrogen d) phosphorus
The following would be a nucleotide found in DNA
a) phosphate, adenine, and ribose b) phosphate, adenine, and deoxyribose c) phosphate, thymine, and ribose d) phosphate, uracil, and deoxyribose
Which of the following tells you that the cell is in telophase?
a) centrioles move to the poles b) chromatids line up in the center c) chromatids move apart d) two nuclei, one at each pole
What are the correct base pairings in DNA?
a) A-T and C-G b) G-U and T-A c) A-U and C-G d) C-T and G-A
Chromosomes replicate during ____.
a) interphase b) telophase c) prophase d) cytokinesis
Each human skin cell has how many pairs of chromosomes?
a) 46 b) 23 c) 13 d) 22
Haploid numbers of chromosomes are usually found in which cells of an organism?
a) sex cells b) tissues c) body cells d) zygotes
Most of the life of any cell is spent in a period of growth called:
a) anaphase b) telophase c) interphase d) metaphase
Genetic information is transferred from parent to daughter cells through the _______.
a) nucleus b) mitochondria c) endoplasmic reticulum d) cell wall
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