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the organism that a parasite lives in or on in a parsitism interaction
a) host b) parasite c) prey d) predaotor
the series of predictable changes that occur in a community over time
a) succession b) commensalism c) primary succession d) mutualism
the series of changes that occur in an area where no soil or organsims exist
a) primary succession b) symbiosis c) pioneer species d) secondary succession
the first species to populate an area
a) pioneer species b) host c) prey d) predator
the series of changes that occur in an area where the ecosystem has been disturbed, but where soil and organisms still exist
a) secondary succession b) commensalism c) mutualism d) primary succession
a living thing
a) organism b) habitat c) abiotic factor d) biotic factor
an environment that provides the things an organism needs to live, grow and reproduce
a) habitat b) species c) population d) community
all the different populations that live together in an area
a) population b) community c) ecology d) habitat
the community of organisms that live in a particular area, along with their nonliving surroundings
a) ecosystem b) predator c) population d) species
the largest population that an area can support
a) carrying capacity b) natural selection c) birth rate d) death rate
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