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Genes make ____________ which regulate cell growth and division
a) proteins b) DNA c) substrates d) enzymes
Signs indicating cancerous growth include all except
a) Many nuclei b) Abnormally large cell size c) Abnormal growth pattern d) Uniform growth pattern
What cleans up a cell once it dies
a) Neighboring cells b) Immune system c) Enzymes d) Lymph fluid
Sampling blood for antibodies is called
a) imaging b) DNA analysis c) blood marker d) biopsy
How can a cancer cell be immune to death?
a) No blood vessels b) Kills off immune cells c) Does not divide d) Does not receive the signal for apoptosis
The process of cell destruction:
a) apoptosis b) regulation c) mitosis d) mutation
Mutations occur:
a) After cell division b) #2 and #3 c) During cell division d) As a result of injuries
Cancer characteristics include all except:
a) avoid detection b) shut off blood vessel growth c) immune to death d) invade tissue
Inherited cancers are passed on in what way?
a) Mutations carried in reproductive cells b) mutation occurs at the site of the cancer c) mutation occurs during fertilization d) mutation occurs after reproductive cells fertilized
What percent of cancers are inherited?
a) 20-30% b) over 40% c) 5-10% d) 10-20%
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