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living parts of a habitat
a) biotic factor b) species c) population d) community
living thing
a) photosynthesis b) population c) organism d) immigration
an environment that provides the things the organism needs to live, grow, and reproduce
a) biotic factor b) habitat c) emigration d) population density
nonliving parts of an organisms habitat
a) death rate b) community c) biotic factor d) abiotic factor
the process in which plants and algae create their own food using water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide
a) living factor b) photosynthesis c) prey d) parasite
group of organisms that are phsically similar that can mate and produce offspring that can also mate and reproduce
a) species b) pioneer species c) parasitism d) host
all members of one species in one particular area
a) ecosystem b) ecology c) community d) population
all the different populations that live together in an area
a) sybiosis b) mutalism c) community d) competition
community of organisms that live in a particular area, along with nonliving surroundings
a) ecosystem b) host c) primary succession d) ecology
study of how living things interact with each other and the environment
a) adaptions b) ecology c) succession d) limiting factors
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