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The ________________ student, Anna, stopped paying attention in class, so she missed the assignment.
a) bored b) boring c) d)
Fifteen hens, ________________ loudly, ran out of the barn.
a) peeped b) peeping c) d)
Many ________________ students signed up for Book Club because they wanted to read more great literature.
a) interested b) interesting c) d)
The resultes of the survey were _________________. A lot of people had negative responses.
a) disturbed b) disturbing c) d)
My mom found the movie __________________ because she didn't like the way it portrayed parents.
a) enraged b) enraging c) d)
Many workers, _______________ about their jobs, talked to the boss.
a) frustrated b) frustrating c) d)
Pamela was _________________ by the story. She said it was very exciting.
a) fascinated b) fascinating c) d)
Physics has always seemed __________________ to me. I plan to study it in college.
a) fascinated b) fascinating c) d)
Several _______________ documentaries have been made about bullying, but this was was really _________________.
a) bored; interested b) boring; interesting c) d)
_______________ after a quick run, Alex felt ready to lift weights and finish his workout.
a) Energized b) Energizing c) d)
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