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What is evidence of ancient life called
a) half-life b) fossil c) uncomformity d) disconformity
Which of the following makes fossil formation more likely
a) buried slowly b) attacked by scavengers c) made of hard parts d) composed of soft parts
What do you call the space left after bones dissolve
a) casts b) original remains c) molds d) carbon film
To say "the present is the key to the past" is a way to describe which of the following principles
a) superposition b) succession c) radioactivity d) uniformitarianism
Which of the following is an unconformity between parallel rock layers
a) angular unconformity b) fault c) disconformity d) nonconformity
Which process forms new elements
a) superposition b) uniformitarianism c) permineralization d) radioactive decay
About how old is Earth
a) 2,000 years b) 5,000 years c) 3.5 billion years d) 4.6 billion years
What do you call fossils created by activities that an organism does
a) cast b) mold c) trace fossil d) carbon film
Full animals have been found preserved in which of the following
a) amber b) tarpits c) ice d) all of the above
A thin film of carbon preserved as a fossil
a) carbon film b) cast c) mold d) trace fossil
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