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Sleet and hail are forms of
a) clouds b) energy c) evaporation d) precipitation
Which is the best example of evaporation?
a) raindrops freezing b) an ice cube melting c) a puddle drying in the sun d) a sponge soaking up water
A cloud that forms just above the surface of the earth is called
a) cumulus b) dew c) fog d) stratus
Which state of matter does an ice cube represent?
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
What is the source of energy for the hydrologic or water cycle?
a) wind b) rain c) sun d) plants
Water vapor that condenses on cool surface is
a) dew b) rain c) snow d) sleet
Clouds are formed by
a) cool air rising b) water vapor condensing c) lightning d) snow
Water droplets that are too heavy to float make
a) fog b) clouds c) rain d) dew
Moisture that fall to the ground is
a) condensation b) precipitation c) evaporation d) clouds
Weather that is so dry that nothing can grow is called
a) temperate b) cyclonic c) a drought d) a tornado
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