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A mother goes shopping one rainy day and leaves the children alone at home.
a) Rising Action b) Resolution c) Exposition d) Climax
The narrator catches Thing One and Thing Two and tells the Cat to pack up their things and take them away!
a) Falling Action b) Rising Action c) Climax d) Exposition
The Cat plays games that cause a mess, like Up-Up-Up with a Fish and Fun in a Box
a) Resolution b) Rising Action c) Falling Action d) Climax
Mother returns from shopping and asks if the children had any fun.
a) Exposition b) Falling Action c) Resolution d) Climax
Cat packs up Thing One and Thing Two and leaves.
a) Exposition b) Resolution c) Falling Action d) Rising Action
The Fish warns the children that their mother is on her way home.
a) Rising Action b) Falling Action c) Climax d) Resolution
Cat returns and cleans up the mess, claiming he always picks up his play things.
a) Climax b) Rising Action c) Exposition d) Falling Action
Thing One and Thing Two fly kites in the house.
a) Rising Action b) Climax c) Falling Action d) Resolution
Fish says Cat is causing a mess and tells him he should not be there when their mother is not.
a) Resolution b) Exposition c) Climax d) Rising Action
The Cat in the Hat can be classified as what kind of genre?
a) fictional short story b) non-fiction biography c) fictional myth d) fictional poem
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