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What separates India from the rest of Asia?
a) Himalaya Mountains b) Ganges River c) Deccan Plateau d) Pacific Ocean
Which country is NOT a part of the Indian subcontinent?
a) Pakistan b) China c) Bangladesh d) India
What are monsoons?
a) grain harvests b) religious rites c) seasonal winds d) hurricanes
The major religion in India today is
a) Buddhism b) Islam c) Hindu d) Sikh
India is very diverse (has a lot of differences). Which is NOT one of the ways India is diverse?
a) Languages spoken b) the number of small rural villages c) religions d) climate regions
In Hinduism what is the concept of fate or the result of your actions called?
a) Karma b) Reincarnation c) Nirvana d) Dharma
In Hinduism what is the set of rules your supposed to follow called?
a) Karma b) Dharma c) Reincarnation d) Nirvana
What is a caste in the Hindu religion?
a) a way of worshipping b) the waging of a holy war c) a system of socially grouping people d) a form of reincarnation
Which is NOT a Hindu god?
a) Jinnah b) Vishnu c) Brahma d) Shiva
Most people in India make a living by
a) artisans b) fishing c) merchants d) farming
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