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Who is the father of genetics?
a) Einstein b) c) Newton d) Mendel
TT is
a) Homozygous dominant b) c) recessive d) heterozygous dominant
_________ mask recessive traits
a) All b) Recessive c) Dominant d)
If Charlie's mom has the genotype FF for freckles, and his dad has ff, what will Charlie's genotype be?
a) Ff b) ff c) FF d)
What was the father of genetics studying when he learned genetics?
a) Roses b) People c) Pea plants d)
Genotype is....
a) the 2 allele combination (FF) b) The trait c) a deadly genetic disorder d)
Phenotype is...
a) the 2 allele combination (FF) b) the trait c) a deadly genetic disorder d)
Genetic information is carried in units called ______ found in DNA.
a) heart b) brain c) genes d)
a) is when DNA changes from what it is supposed to be. b) is the variety of genes available and makes us unique c) process of passing on traits d)
______ is the process of passing traits from parents to offspring.
a) Heredity b) Variation c) Triboluminescence d)
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