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Which people suffer the most from short-term and long-term exposure to pollutants?
a) small children and the elderly b) teenagers c) middle-aged adults d) young parents
Exposure to increased ultraviolet radiation can cause all of the following EXCEPT __________.
a) asthma b) skin cancer c) cataracts d) an effect on the immune system
Damage from ultraviolet radiation can be prevented by wearing any of the following EXCEPT __________.
a) a swimsuit b) long-sleeved shirt c) a wide-brimmed hat d) sunglasses
Pollutants can be more concentrated in animals higher in the food chain because of __________.
a) chlorofluorocarbons b) photochemical smog c) acid rain d) biomagnification
Acid rain does NOT directly affect __________.
a) water life b) land animals c) plants d) soil
Water loss in plants is due to the effects of __________.
a) smog b) the ozone layer c) biomagnification d) chlorofluorocarbons
__________ decreases a plant's ability to fight disease
a) Smog b) Ozone c) UV radiation d) Acid rain
Buildings can deteriorate from the effects of __________.
a) UV radiation b) ozone c) acid rain d) photochemical smog
The amount of damage an air pollutant makes is dependent on all of the following EXCEPT the __________.
a) kind of pollutant b) length of exposure to the pollutant c) amount of pollutant taken in d) source of the pollutant
An example of a short-term health effect of air pollution is __________.
a) pneumonia b) brain damage c) lung cancer d) heart disease
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