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The South's main income
a) Agriculture b) Industry c) Factories d) Clipper ships
The North's main income
a) Agriculture b) Cotton c) Industry d) Tobacco
In the South, goods were transported via
a) railroads b) steam engines c) telegraph lines d) natural waterways
Farmers without enslaved people
a) Yeoman b) Tenant Farmers c) Rural Poor d) Plantation Owners
Most enslaved people on plantations worked as
a) domestic slaves b) field hands c) carpenters d) weavers
An African American religious fold song that provided a way to secretly communicate with one another
a) Slave Codes b) Spirituals c) Yeomon d) Underground Railroad
What made it a crime to teach enslaved people to read or write?
a) Spirituals b) Slave Codes c) Overseers d) Credits
Who was the religious leader who led a slave revolt in 1831?
a) Harriet Tubman b) Nat Turner c) Eli Whitney d) Frederick Douglass
Fled to the North to escape slavery
a) Nat Turner b) Eli Whitney c) Harriet Tubman d) Samuel Morse
A network of safe houses that assisted runaway enslaved persons
a) Slave houses b) Runaway houses c) Underground Railroad d) Slave Codes
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