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STD's can be passed from person to person through
a) the air by coughing or sneezing b) all the above c) sexual contact d) casual contact such as shaking hands
If left untreated, all STD's
a) can lead to serious health problems b) lead to infections by HIV/AIDS c) will become asymptomatic d) will eventually cure themselves
Which is not a high-risk behavior?
a) Engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners b) Abstaining from sexual activity c) Using alcohol and other drugs d) Engaging in unprotected sexual activity
Treatment of an STD
a) isn't always necessary b) always cures the infection c) can be postponed d) does not prevent reinfection
Getting a diagnoses and treatment is
a) acting responsibly b) all of the above c) a healthy behavior d) crucial for those infected with STD's
During the course of HIV/AIDS, the infected person
a) gets stronger b) should not hug anyone or shake hands c) needs less and less medication d) becomes vulnerable to opportunistic illnesses
It is difficult for antibodies to fight AIDS because
a) HIV weakens antibodies b) HIV mutates rapidly c) HIV is protected once it enters cells d) HIV destroys white blood cells
What is one reason STD's often go untreated
a) Most STD's are not serious b) STD's may be asymptomatic c) There is no treatment or cure for most STD's d) Most STD's disappear on their own
Which STD is sometimes difficult to cure because of drug-resistant strains
a) Genital HPV b) HIV c) Gonorrhea d) Genital herpes
Which behavior is most likely to prevent the risk of STD's?
a) Having protected sexual activity b) Using refusal skills when pressured to engage in sexual activity c) Being sexually active only with asymptomatic partners d) Being sexually active with only one person
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