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Motion is
a) when an object changes position over time b) two objects rub against each other c) objects stay in motion d) how fast an object is moving
A force is
a) when an object stays in motion b) energy produced in a mechanical system c) a push or pull that causes an object to move d) when two objects rub against each other
Inertia is
a) energy that is waiting to be used b) when an object changes position over time c) energy that is produced by the negative charge of electrons d) the rule that says objects in motion stay in motion unless a force stops them
Getting a lot of work done with only a little energy is called
a) potential b) efficiency c) energy d) speed
An example of mechanical energy is
a) a yo-yo resting in your hand b) moving chains on a bike c) ball rolling down a hill d) a video game running on batteries
An example of chemical energy is
a) a battery b) a runner running c) riding your scooter d) turning on the lights
An example of potential energy is
a) playing video games b) sledding down a hill c) bird flying through the air d) racer at the beginning of a race
When two objects rub against each other it is called
a) inertia b) friction c) motion d) energy
This man wrote the rule about the laws of motion
a) Sir Issac Newton b) Abraham Lincoln c) Pablo Picasso d) Benjamin Franklin
What causes an item going in one direction to change directions?
a) inertia b) friction c) force d) speed
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