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The range of the volume of urine voided by an adult during a 24-hour period is
a) 750 - 2000 mL b) 500 - 700 mL c) 250 - 2500 mL d) 1000 - 5000 mL
Due to excess lipids in the blood, lipemic serum appears
a) cloudy and milky b) tinged with red c) clear and transparent d) dark yellow
In structure and form, bacilli bacteria are found in which of the the following shapes?
a) rod b) round c) spiral d) comma
Direct contact and droplets are ways in which viruses are transmitted to cause
a) influenza b) malaria c) meningitis d) botulism
In a reagent dipstick test for ketone bodies in the urine, the largest amounts are represented by an intensified
a) maroon color b) red color c) yellow color d) green color
When you perform a chemical urinalysis test using a reagent strip, which one of the following tests would you expect to read positive?
a) urobilinogen b) protein c) bilirubin d) nitrite
Normal urine has a pH range of
a) 4.5 - 8.0 b) 2.5 - 4.0 c) 3.5 - 10.0 d) 5.0 - 12.0
A hemocytometer is counting chamber used to count cells microscopically. The total area on one side of the hemocytometer is
a) 9 mm squared b) 6 mm squared c) 4 mm squared d) 10 mm squared
Normal bleeding time using Duke's method is
a) 1 - 3 minutes b) 5 - 10 minutes c) 10 - 15 minutes d) 4 - 8 minutes
Expressed in terms of mm/hour, the normal range of Westergren erythrocyte sedimentation rates (ESR) for men older than 50 is
a) 0 - 20 b) 0 - 9 c) 11 - 29 d) 31 - 50
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