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Washington needed help to run the country, what did he create to turn to for advice?
a) Cabinet b) Vice President c) The Senate d) Martha Washington
What Battle occured in the Trans-Appalchian West with the Native Americans
a) Battle of New Orleans b) Battle of the Bulge c) Battle of Fallen Timbers d) Pontiacs Rebellion
Tariffs place a tax on what?
a) Domestic Foods b) Imports c) Exports d) Income
The U.S. was_________________ during the French Revolution.
a) Involved b) On the side of Napolean Bonaparte c) On the side of the King d) Neutral
Who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
a) Thomas Jefferson b) Edmund Randolph c) John Jay d) Alexander Hamilton
The government sold____________ to raise money for the war?
a) Bonds b) Senate Seats c) Bank Notes d) Stocks
Washington set a __________ when he resigned after serving two terms as President.
a) Example b) National Debt c) Quota d) Precedent
The government sent troops to squash this rebellion in Pennsylvania because of a tax on liquor?
a) Shays\' Rebellion b) Whiskey Rebellion c) Pennsylvania Rebellion d) Farmers Rebellion
Who was the first Vice President?
a) Arron Burr b) John Jay c) John Adams d) Thomas Jefferson
This treaty opened up New Orleans to American Farmers?
a) Treaty of Paris 1783 b) Pinckney treaty c) Jay\'s Treaty d) Treaty of Greenville
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