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Which word does NOT describe coal?
a) Fossil Fuel b) Pollution c) Carbon-formed d) Renewable
Which is a renewable resource?
a) Solar b) Natural Gas c) Coal d) Oil
The splitting of an atom for energy is....
a) Nuclear meltdown b) Control Rods c) Nuclear fission d) Nuclear fusion
The joining of two atoms for energy is .....
a) Nuclear meltdown b) Control rods c) Nuclear fission d) Nuclear fusion
Heat causes water to change into what form?
a) Liquid b) Ice c) Steam d) Fog
How does steam influence nuclear power?
a) It cools down the control rods b) It turns the turbine c) It heats up the control rods d) It splits the atoms apart
Which word is not associated with Biomass?
a) Corn b) Wood c) Non-renewable d) Renewable
What is an advantage of Natural Gas?
a) It is easily transported b) It can be found almost anywhere c) It is not flammable d) It is nearly renewable
Which of these describe clear-cutting?
a) Only taking come of the trees b) Biodiverse c) Less safe than selective cutting d) Cheaper than selective cutting
Which best satisfies a sustainable yield?
a) Clear cutting a forest b) Cutting down and eliminating only 1 species of tree in the forest c) Catching new species of fish in the wild d) Farming only tuna and catfish
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