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We decided to take our time and ________through the woods, enjoying the sights along the path.
a) meander b) reef c) lagoon d) mentor
Swimmers splashed in the shallow __________, encircled by the coral island.
a) barren b) lagoon c) meander d) office
On vacation we swam in the lagoon and jogged around the entire _________.
a) sensors b) barren c) atoll d) lair
The garage door opener has _______ to stop the door from crushing small animals.
a) sensors b) barren c) reefs d) lagoon
It has been so long since the ___________ desert has had any rain tha even the cactus may not survive.
a) meander b) bushy c) barren d) atoll
When we went snorkeling, we explored a beautiful coral ____________.
a) reef b) sensors c) barren d) hoof
The Apollo 8 astrounauts were the first to
a) go on a sight-seeing trip b) see the full face of the Earth c) orbit the sun d) see Earth as a planet
How fast is the Earth traveling around the sun?
a) 67,000 miles a light year b) 6,700 miles per hour c) 67,000 miles per hour d) 6,700 miles a minute
What causes the golden haze over the Indian Ocean?
a) sunlight b) Typhoon Pat c) clouds d) air pollution
How are most islands formed?
a) by earthquakes b) by volcanoes under the ocean c) by volcanoes on land d) by giant storms
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