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to ward off; to turn away; to keep from happening
a) avert b) wad c) aghast d) parallel
to hold back
a) stifle b) vertical c) innate d) inhabit
to cry out loudly
a) wail b) waft c) gape d) fowl
to go or move quickly in a hurried manner
a) scurry b) horizontal c) harsh d) adjacent
to become widely open, separated; to stare in amazement
a) gape b) waft c) flounder d) bliss
possessed at brith, inborn; a natural characteristic
a) innate b) fowl c) stifle d) vertical
to weigh down; an oppressive load; something to be endured
a) burden b) scamper c) climate d) utter
a small mass of soft material squeezed into a ball
a) wad b) falter c) runt d) enroll
parallel to level ground; at right angles to vertical
a) horizon b) obtain c) smitten d) wad
to live or dwell in
a) inhabit b) wail c) adjacent d) bliss
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